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Great Book- Thanks Santa

25 Dec 2014
@ 03:20 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Hi Nathan and family

Awesome book, wish you wrote it a few years ago when I started re-loading.
I've used the lee book as my reference up to now. It does tell me how to set the dies etc but that's about it. No which, how and why! That's where your book comes into it's own. Maybe it's just me but all the guys I know who re-load are a weird lot (myself included), very helpful but very confusing and F#$ked up at the same time. It may be re-loading that does this to a person over time (more than likely). Some times re-loading does my head in but your theory that it takes three steps to shoot accurately "loads, rifle and technique" and "keep it simple" helps me understand the whole picture. I've already noted a few procedures from your book that I will put into practice at my next loading session for my newly barrelled rifle.

Regards Ben


25 Dec 2014
@ 08:55 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Great Book- Thanks Santa
Thank you Ben, that was very kind of you to say. I cannot put into words how grateful Steph and I are for the support we have had from you all recently.

Yes, keep it simple, thats the way.


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