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First Project

17 Dec 2014
@ 10:41 am (GMT)

Chris Inscore

Hey guys,

This is my first post to the forum, although I been in contact with Nathan for about a year now getting his help, advice and opinions on things. He has helped make me a better hunter through all of his work.

I am looking to start my first long range rifle, from start to finish based on Nathan's books. Currently looking into several rifles. One I am curious about is the Remington 700 Long Range. I saw another post on this forum concerning that rifle but in a magnum caliber. I am thinking about it in .25-06. I am just wondering if the monte carlo cheek piece would be ok in a smaller caliber like the .25? I know Nathan mentions that they can be a hindrance when shooting magnum calibers.

I am choosing the .25-06 for white-tailed deer in the 100-200 lb range. I hunt in NC, so longest shot I can ever imagine taking is 400 yards.




17 Dec 2014
@ 01:56 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: First Project
Hi Chris, the cheek piece on this stock is not so highly pronounced that it cases a great deal of trouble so this can be crossed off the list.

I think that this would make for a nice 400 yard White Tail rifle. It harkens back to the original Sendero chambered in .25-06, conjuring images of taking Cous deer at extended ranges.

Just remember to keep everything in perspective as far as accuracy expectations go and as per the book series. Work through the project one step at a time and you will do just fine.


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