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Re: New Barrel Preparation Questions

05 Dec 2014
@ 04:42 pm (GMT)

Ben Grady

Hi guys.

Well my new barrel has arrived chambered in 25 06 rem. It is 26" stainless steel with a 9.5 twist. It has a heap or meat at the knox and tapers down to about 16mm at the muzzle. It is going to be a fairly heavy set up looking at the barrel on it's own. I have ordered a laminated stock from boyds as it is touch and go if there will be any wood left, next to the knox once the barrel is inletted being a heavier contour (with my exiting stock). I've decided to hold off threading for a suppressor (Nathan will be happy to hear). This rifle is going to be my baby, not my bomb up rifle. Still a wee way away before it's ready but the new stock shouldn't be too far way.

Cheers Ben


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