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Bullet for 300 Win Mag?

02 Dec 2014
@ 09:48 pm (GMT)

Jared Thibodaux

Helping a friend with his 300 Win Mag, he shot a small doe the other day and lost a deer, it was found the next day with a pin hole in and out, despite good shot placement the animal was able to make it a considerable distance with no blood trail. I did not make those loads, some old man did years ago all I know is they are some 165gr SP propelled by IMR4350 and they chrono at 3,220fps.
I know that no bullet can be ideal for everything from 35kg deer and 150kg hogs but I would like to load him something that would perform reasonably well on both. Seeing as I have ZERO experience hunting with 300 magnums I figured I would defer to some of the more experienced members here. Ranges are not to exceed 400 yards mostly 80-200 so uber high BC is not a must have but it must expand reliably on light game. Any suggestions?


02 Dec 2014
@ 10:26 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: Bullet for 300 Win Mag?
Hi Jared
I've been testing 168gn zombie-max (same as A-max) in my 30-06 @ 2900fps.
I like them better than anything I've tried in the past, perfect results close range and out to 500m shots on Deer.
They'll be my 30-06 pill for everything from now on.
02 Dec 2014
@ 11:43 pm (GMT)

Jared Thibodaux

Re: Bullet for 300 Win Mag?
Hummm, I have some 168gr A-Max in my stash, not sure how messy they will be at close range 300 Win Mag speeds, but lack of expansion should not be an issue.
I have hundreds of old Hornady 180gr RN interlocks, they performed perfectly in my 30-06 against hogs, I wounder if they will expand so readily on thin skinned deer at 300 WM speeds?
SSTs, Speer BTSP, and Ballistic Tips are the other thing I am considering, all are violent expanders in my experience but might come unglued against a hogs shield though fragments would likely make it through the vitals even if the bullet did come apart.
This incident has me scratching my head, I always though 300 Win Mag power was a huge overkill on deer, but I guess without expansion all that power goes to waste, for deer I'll stick to my "little" 6.5mm, 7mms, and 270s they have never let me down, but Robert is in love with his Browning 300.
03 Dec 2014
@ 12:47 am (GMT)

chris murphy

Re: Bullet for 300 Win Mag?
Hi Jared the 208 amax at 2900 would do the trick. Or 200 accubond at 3000 (this is what I've loaded for my mates 300) with success
03 Dec 2014
@ 03:04 am (GMT)

thomas kitchen

Re: Bullet for 300 Win Mag?
hi jared
i have no experience with 300 win mags but have you thought bout giving the nosler partitions a try. i havent tried them but heard good things. or you could down load certain projectiles to the speed you need. be sure to let everyone know how you get on
03 Dec 2014
@ 01:29 pm (GMT)

Randal Graham

Re: Bullet for 300 Win Mag?
Fwiw i used the 180 interlocks myself in the .30-06 for deer and black bear with good results, I used the 200 grain partition for moose and elk, also with good results, not sure how they would work jacked up to .300 speeds. For his ranges could drop the velocity back a little anyway I would think.
I could have easily used the partition for everything I hunted, certainly would knock a hog down.
Can't attest to rear lung effectiveness with either though, not a shot I ever used intentionally.
03 Dec 2014
@ 07:51 pm (GMT)

Drew Pigott

Re: Bullet for 300 Win Mag?
Hi Jared,

I do not have any experience with a .300 magnum, but do know my way around my custom 30-06.

You may like to try the 165 grain Hornady SST. They open up rapidly yet are still fairly tough from my experience. Before I began hand loading, I shot a young 2 year old Mississippi 10 point whitetail in the neck from about 160 yards. The shot (which missed the bone) was naturally greeted with instant collapse and upon closer inspection a 1-1/2'' exit wound. Those were Horndady 165 grain SST Superformace with a muzzle velocity of around 2,920 fps I think. I think the 165 grain SST is a great do-it-all load in that you still do not have to compromise too much with what Robert wants to do.

Providing good shot placement, the 165 grain SST should be great. You could also try the 180 grain SST or 178 grain AMAX.

04 Dec 2014
@ 03:37 am (GMT)

trevor savage

Re: Bullet for 300 Win Mag?
I had a Remington 700 300winmag and it wouldn't stabilize 200gr bthp rounds but the Remington 180gr core lock rounds worked well on most things.
14 Dec 2014
@ 01:01 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Bullet for 300 Win Mag?
Over-gunned for deer at the ranges mentioned maybe? Especially for using an A-Max loaded round given the speedy terminal velocities.

Why not try the Barnes TSX bullets if you are looking to kill deer as well as hogs and maybe elk at under 400 meters. You could start him with the 180 grains. If mostly for deer however, I would still use the TSX bullets and load even a lighter weight bullet such as the 130 grain. Highly effective within the ranges you mention.

For many years, I used a 7mm Rem Mag with Sierra 140 grain bullets for deer, and took them from 10 to 450 meters on average. Never lost one. Prior to that I used a .308 Win and a .30/06 to 600 meters using Speer Hot Cor spitzer bullets, and never lost one that I shot at...that preceded the very effective Hornady A-Max bullets which are for lower velocity hits at long distances.

I found Nathan's knowledge base articles very informative as well.


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