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Nosler Accubond Long Range bullets?

30 Nov 2014
@ 11:50 am (GMT)

Jake long

Does anyone have experience with these bullets? I have a box of 168 for my .284 but haven't shot them yet. I have heard the BC isn't as high as they claim but haven't verified that. Hoping to try them out in my new 270 for elk or caribou next year.




30 Nov 2014
@ 08:43 pm (GMT)

Jared Thibodaux

Re: Nosler Accubond Long Range bullets?
The biggest gripe I have heard is they are not nearly as tough as the parent accubond. While they are bonded after a high speed impact they resemble a peeled banana with very low weight retention, so while they might perform great past 500 yards closer shots are the problem. Again this is not first hand knowledge but something I have heard from people who have used them. Accuracy reviews have been mixed but pretty much everyone agrees they are not an easy bullet to work with, this is my experience with ultra long ogive bullets as well, they are certainly more finicky then my "go to" Sierra Game Kings, Nosler Ballistic Tips, and Speer BTSP bullets which work great in just about everything.
01 Dec 2014
@ 12:44 am (GMT)

Grant Harris

Re: Nosler Accubond Long Range bullets?

Have a look at the below link. This guys had some good results from them.

I've loaded up a box and put them on paper for my .270 and had them shooting great straight away but that was more so out of interest rather than wanting to use them as they will end up being difficult to get eventually here. I also couldn't get any decent speed either - around 2700fps with 54gr ADI2209 - alot slower than what I'm getting with my favourite Nosler Partitions.

Anyway - the above link proves they do work at all ranges.



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