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Re: Fast barrel?

30 Nov 2014
@ 09:09 am (GMT)

Randal Graham

Jared, posted on the .35 thread, I'll put the lapping link here too...

Is the rifle shooting consistant groups?
Even at 2"... Are they consistant groups or all over the place and vary from small groups to large randomly?

Very very generally speaking, large but consistant groups are barrel finish related, very random all-over-the-place groups usually end up being throat/chamber issues or a bad crown.
Also, if you shoot a long string, like 5 groups of 5 rounds, and the groups tighten up a bit as you go, it can indicate barrel finish.

In any case, I still would reccomend finding somebody with a bore scope and having a good look as a first step. Everything else is guessing and it can eat a bunch of time up.

Good luck man!



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