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Re: Fast barrel?

29 Nov 2014
@ 11:28 pm (GMT)

Randal Graham

Saw your post on another thread about fire lapping this barrel... Have you bore scoped this barrel yet Jared?
I always hated chasing problems by throwing stuff at a gun waiting to see what might work, can go around in circles for a long time before issues get sorted out.
I'd consider having a proper look at the bore first off to see where the barrel is at for sure. If it's tool chatter, crappy lap job, pits, burrs, crappy chamber cut or throat, you'll see it right away.

Firelapping takes a lot of work to prepare the loads, then you are still essentially lapping one stroke at a time. Can add up to multiple dollars per stroke that may or may not address the issue with the gun.

If it's something like burrs or rough finish, you may very well be able to hand lap it and have it turn out good.

But in any case, I'd scope it first, then you will know.

Imho, of course...


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