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Re: Warming up to the .35's

29 Nov 2014
@ 08:15 pm (GMT)

Randal Graham

Hi Bob!

Yes, saw your posts in the 9.3/.35 whelen thread, found them quite enlightening. Sounds like a beautiful rifle as well, always been quite fond of Sako rifles, I owned a Sako carbine for a short time and it was one of the nicest guns I've owned, but was not in a caliber I could easily load for...and an offer came along. How I ended up with the damn BLR actually, and an auto-5 to boot.

Wow, 225 at 2600+ , that has gotta be a deer hammer.
Hmm, that would hit pretty hard a fair ways out I'd bet!
I originally looked at the .338fed/.338-06 as a way to up the bullet weight just a bit from the .30-06 to prop up on the top end a bit for moose, and for western bear. The more I look into the .35's though the more I think that's where I need to be.
Looks like ideal catridges for cast bullets also which was a passion of mine, I competed alot when I was young with a .38-55 and hunted with .45-70 quite a bit.
Bob, have you tried some cast pills in the .358 at all?

Nathan, as a matter of fact, my first deer was with an old marlin 30-30... My second deer and first bear was with a .303 enfield, family guns. I have a young nephew just now starting to shoot with the enfield, will be his turn next fall

Fine old dependable rifle.
The old marlin is hidden away with an uncle now. Everybody wants it.
Have to say,had a brand spankin marlin put in my hands just a few weeks ago, opened and closed the lever once and handed it back laughing. Junk.
Lotta stuff has gone downhill badly, sad really.

Dammit you guys. i can see two bloody rifles in my future....wait, .358 norma you say?


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