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Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM

28 Nov 2014
@ 04:39 pm (GMT)

Andrew Dobbin

Finally got time to post an update for those interested.
I finished bedding about 2 weeks ago, came out real nice with just a couple of cosmetic cracks at the tang.
I ended up putting a Timney trigger in because when I adjusted the factory trigger to 1.5lbs the trigger weight screw was only engaging about 1.5 threads, and this just didn't feel safe to me. Bonus that the Timney has a 3 position saftey opposed to the original 2 on the factory.

I fixed the cosmetic issues with some Sellys Kneadit epoxy and you can hardly see it ( Colour matches with Match grade bedding compound really well.) The fixes are NOT touching anything, a good 2 mm clearence.

I managed to get some time on thursday evening to sight in and do one preliminary test group. Shot 1.1" at 100yrds with the lateral deviation being all my fault. (changed the tension in the sling didn't I)

Group was shot with Federal "Blue Box" 180 grn
With more practise at this level of recoil i think this rifle will be sub 0.5".
Hand loads will help too.
I am planing on using 180 SST's for open country work. Haven't decided on a bush load yet.

Thats it on the Bipod, wearing an old VX1 3-9x40. this will be upgraded to an S111 Sightron when I save up enough.
The rifle in the foreground is my old Sweede that Nathan has helped me to "Trick Up" (Boyds stock, Timney trigger, bedding etc).
Thanks All for the help.


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