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hammer forged vs cut or button rifling

18 Nov 2014
@ 02:36 am (GMT)

thomas kitchen

was hunting with an older guy on the weekend.
he was saying that he use to use older winchester with soft point ammo and it would knock down animals fine but when he started using hammer forged barrelled guns they would get back up.
he related a story that he was using a winchester 30/30 and his mate a marlin 30/30 same box of ammo came across 4 deer the 2 deer he shot dropped the 2 his mate shot took 3 shots each.
just wondering if anyone else had found this or if it was something else in the mix more then anything


18 Nov 2014
@ 03:51 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: hammer forged vs cut or button rifling
Hi Thomas,

I'm pretty shore my Tikka's have hammer forged barrels from the factory and l see no differance between them and my Remington's or Marlin. Stainless or blued.

Shot placement would be the culprit l think.
19 Nov 2014
@ 03:30 am (GMT)

thomas kitchen

Re: hammer forged vs cut or button rifling
thanks martin yea his theory was that the deeper rifling helps deforms the projectile helping expansion on the animal.
i would think bore tolerance has more affect then type of rifling.
just first i had heard anyone bring it up so thought i would ask the panel of experts
13 Jun 2017
@ 07:38 pm (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: hammer forged vs cut or button rifling
Hey guys,

Sorry to dredge up an old thread... I wanted to know if there is any truth to the idea that hammer forged barrels do not need a break in process...

My thoughts are that this idea has no merit, in fact a hammer forged barrel I saw recently had more visible burrs and tool marks than my Howa.

Either Howa have picked up their game and are finishing barrels like they did pre-2011 (see the rifles book) or hammer forging has no great benefits to bore finish (assuming the tools used to cut the bore and rifling were on the same level).

Would love to know any experience you all have here.[b]
14 Jun 2017
@ 04:19 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: hammer forged vs cut or button rifling
Just go to all or any of the mainstream rifle barrel makers and they will have a section on breaking their barrels in. My Benchmark 5R barrel was an easy breaking as those are well lapped and had retained little fouling. Again, this was covered in Nathan's books.
14 Jun 2017
@ 08:14 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: hammer forged vs cut or button rifling
It is as you say Andrew, dependent on the quality of the tools and operator on the day. Even if the bore is lapped, chamber reaming creates fresh tool marks. In each case, the bore must be treated as an individual.

Note that basic metal cutting or forming processes are completely different to metal finishing processes. One should never confuse the two operations.

14 Jun 2017
@ 08:27 am (GMT)

Andrew Murray

Re: hammer forged vs cut or button rifling
Thanks for the replies gents.

I had assumed as much but wanted to check with those more knowledgeable.

I wonder how such an idea began and was perpetuated?

Happy Wednesday all.


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