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Mauser 98 project

12 Nov 2014
@ 06:55 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

I have another interesting project here! A friend gave me a nice gift... A Mauser 98 rifle! I has been rebarreled (don´t know when) in 30-06.

It has a wood stock that is great to shot with irons, but not good to use a scope. Boyds will fix it, helped with matchgrade compound.

My very first scope will be great on it! Old Nikon Monarch (japan made), 2,5-10x56 (30mm tube). I spend many time saving the founds to get it many years ago! A Timney low profile safety lever will be the easy and cheap way to get the safety usefoul, mantaining the nice double set trigger.

The action has some stamped marks, but I´m unable to identify who made it, or when. The receiver blueing is different than the barrel one. It has the classic thumb notch and you obviously can feed it using clips (not with the scope on it -ouch!-). Just can see a stamp that seems to be pliers, and "BB 92". In the bottom of the receiver, behind the magazine, it has "S.B." (maybe the spanish gun-maker Santa Barbara? Many BSA and fine Rigbys where built with this actions). The serial numbers in action and bolt are the same, but different that the one in the barrel. Any help to identificate the rifle will be great. Here are some pics:

I have some questions about lugs lapping. Not sure if this one will be better left as it is (Nathan talks about the problems of wear out the hardened surface). Both lugs contact, but not in a "perfect" way.

Talking about the bedding... Will be a good idea to enlarge the rear screw drill of the stock and use the original steel pillar? I supose this pillar will set a good reference. I´m right?

Planning to shot 178 amax out to intermediate ranges, and 165TTSX to shot close ranges during night stalks. This is not a "longe range" rig.

Will be happy to show how does this project go, and any comment or help will be welcome.


13 Nov 2014
@ 03:03 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Mauser 98 project
Hi Alvaro, I have had a brief look through my own resources. I still cannot yet tell the history of this action. It is neither a Santa Barbara or FN based on the thumb cut out and clip guide. Your rifle was once a military action but as to who sporterized it, I cannot tell.

Yes, use the original pillar.

Yes, be very careful when it comes to the lugs. You could in a pinch do a very quick 240 grit lap but be very careful. take a vernier, measure the lug thickness, lap, then recheck. If you go more than .2mm, there is a great risk of completely removing the case hardening layer.

The action may already have been weakened during grinding and polishing. It may have had swastika stamps ground off and polished- but the metal not re-case hardened. Its a shame, not too many machine shops have a handle on case hardening anymore. See if you can find a business in Spain which has a Rockwell hardness tester. You will need to google something like Rockwell testing Spain" in your lingo.

If you can find someone, have them set the tool to strike between the two scope base holes at the top and front of the receiver. I think this would be far better than playing guessing games.
17 Nov 2014
@ 10:32 pm (GMT)

William Langford

Re: Mauser 98 project
Alvaro, is a good resource for getting information on your Mauser. It looks like your action is a military model that has had its' crest scrubbed and charger hump lowered to a commercial profile.
09 Dec 2014
@ 07:16 pm (GMT)

mark whiteley

Re: Mauser 98 project
I think you have a very good friend Alvaro,

I love mauser's
15 Dec 2014
@ 11:08 am (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Mauser 98 project
Thanks all.

Sorry for the late reply, I have been out for a while.

Nathan... I never learn the lesson!! Don´t ask Nathan... Don´t ask Nathan! You will find yourself looking after rare stuff, asking people for some work and see them thinking "u-oh, this man have escaped from a mental hospital" ;)

I´m somewhat familiar with rockwell test. Have worked for years in quality department, both in civil building (a modern tram) and industrial (thermosolar plants). I havn´t perform that tests, but may be able to contact with someone to get them done. Thanks!

Have not contacted Santa Barbara yet... Those "S.B." stamped letters could mean that they built the action.

Will check lugs contact prior to lap them. After mount and accurize the other parts (stock, bedding, optics) will see how it shoots. Maybe I can left the lugs untouched.

Will keep you posted. Thanks again!
07 Feb 2015
@ 10:20 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Mauser 98 project
Updating the project...

Still waiting to have news from Santa Barbara, and researching for rockwell test...

I have bedded the rifle, matchgrade compound work pretty well. Photos prior to remove the (many) letters and signs the action leave on the compound. When breaking the job out, the compound in the tang break a few pieces out, but I hope it will work OK, as it have the original pillar. Will fix the next time I bed another rifle (soon).

Time to fit bases & optics and test some loads, prior to move on lugs lapping (wainting to see how it perform and what resuslt gave the rockwell test). The timney safety lever will be fitted later (only range work by now).

08 Feb 2015
@ 09:54 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Mauser 98 project
Nice job on the bedding. I too like the Mausers. One of my favorite carry guns for deer hunting in the northeast is a 257 Roberts in a Mausre. I have at least 6 of them. Each one is a lesson in itself. The metallurgy varies from action to action.
If you need help identifying your Mauser try this web site forum. The guys on that board helped me with a few of mine.

08 Feb 2015
@ 10:03 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Mauser 98 project
Sorry didn't see someone already posted the mausercentral website.. My Bad![b]
09 Feb 2015
@ 11:23 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: Mauser 98 project
Thanks Shawn and William...

No answer from Santa Barbara, so I join mausercentral and posted there... Will keep you posted


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