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Re: new brass

27 Oct 2014
@ 12:13 pm (GMT)

Ronald Le May

Just a quick one I have discovered that NORMA brass has a rim thicker than the Lapua brass I use in this case the rims are 140 thou.
So you should adjust your NK, FLS and Seating dies for this fact.
It seems a bit harder than the Lapua brass as well I am triming mine to 2.161 for a 3.1410 COAL with BERGER 140VLD in 6.5 x 284.

One point often overlooked by some as not that important is the primer pocket and the internal of the flashole.
Standard practice for me with new brass is to uniform the pocket and then use an internal flash hole de-burrer to clean the inside hole up.
This way all the pockets are the same so the seating with the hand primer pushes it to the exactly the same depth every case you re prime because you have made them the same.
I have suffered proud primers that ruined a shot, or using the press to push them in too much pressure and ruined the anvil (misfire) I have since learnt allot of things and tricks.
Like I alluded in an earlier thread consistency is the word you can go to great lengths of time and money but if you are different the way you load your ammo and a she will be right attitude things are most likely to go to shite badly.
The other day a shooter blew his case apart at the range and the proud wood from the gas ports blew off and brass shrapnel came back peppering his face and around his eye very lucky lad was a very load bang a 6.5 x 47 I think and a gunsmith to add salt to the wound.

Simple error using a DP-3 1200 forgot to empty the powder tube changed case and load and there ya go the set up with the wrong powder in the wrong case it was that far over they bent the bolt handle on the Barnard action getting it open I doubt a Rem-700 would have made it.
Me I stay basic 1 calibre I load one powder on the bench only to suit the round, primers to suit the round, seating die, priming tool bit of music, good lighting and then in to it if I feel a real whim I may use the run-out gauge and the meplater.
Slow and steady wins the race, I am only now starting to piece the info down as my wife has not a clue what mix goes with what and what trim length does it have what primer yadayada sheesh! she does her rifle and our sons I do them as well and another 10 besides those 3 all stored in my head.
Which powders at what range, with what projie, primer/case and jump you get the picture. so I will gather my thoughts and knowing you have experience in loading will only offer what I think are reasonable ways of achieving an accurate loaded round, till then have a great day.



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