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Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM

20 Oct 2014
@ 07:34 pm (GMT)

Andrew Dobbin

Hi all,
I've been following this forum for a while now and have finally decided to post some questions.
I have recently purchased a Pre-Earthquake (2008 I think) weatherby Vanguard in 300 WSM after getting some advice from Nathan to get "something with more oomph" than my current 6.5x55 setup.
I plan to do this 'by the book' (Nathans ones) and Bed, stabilize, lighten trigger etc.
I also plan to reload for this rifle.
Any hints or tips for either the rifle set up or reloading advice (bullet weights, COALs, Powder) is greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
PS. Nathan, I cant wait for the new book


21 Oct 2014
@ 02:43 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Hi Andrew, thanks for the kind feedback.

I think you are pretty much on track. Will just re-iterate a few things:

1. A good burn prep to remove petroleum from the stock and at the same time create mechanical locks. Burn lines into the stock to a point that the inner looks like corduroy pants.

2. Powdered graphite over the release can help- especially with the Howa ? vanguard action which retains its casting (sand) texture below the stock line. I saw an Irish client use talc in a video he sent me of using our bedding kits. Job looked good but I need to test for myself.

3. After curing, putting the job in a deep freezer for 10-20 minutes (wrap in cling film) can really help make the break out easy.

Other jobs as you are already aware / book steps:
Lap lugs.
Alter trigger and hone front face to get safety working- take your time, will come out a treat.
Give the throat a birthday- Maroon, then quick autosol.
Bore- a light going over with the worn maroon and then the broken down autosol.
Job done.

I don't know (can't remember sorry) how you intend to use the rifle so I cannot recommend a bullet to start with. As for other components, Win brass, a Federal 210 primer or CCI LR combined with ADI 2209 (H4350) will do the bizzo.

Not too long to go for the next book now.
21 Oct 2014
@ 04:51 pm (GMT)

Andrew Dobbin

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Thanks for the tips Nathan.
Yes it is the Howa action, in the straight stock, NOT the high comb, low butt, montecarlo design that seems to be in favour with weatherby now.
I mainly hunt Fallow in fairly open country. I was able to sneek up on them and get within 100-200 yards easily. This is now getting harder as they are getting a little timid (gun shy) as the area I hunt has become more popular. Shots are now starting to push out past 300 yrds regularly.
The plan was to try and make this a multi role rifle as i am getting some chances to go to the south island and hunt Reds etc.
i was looking at 165ish grain projectiles for open country (SST or A-Max if i can get them) and 180+ Round noses for bush work.
i have some 150 grain interlocks that i got when i brought my reloading gear that I will probably use to try the rifle out.
My old M96 that i restocked and bedded has come up a real treat, it now groups about 1 moa with hand loads. I am going to get it re crowned and see if that gets it even better.
Thanks again for your help.
21 Oct 2014
@ 06:56 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Nathan has you on the right track Andrew!

The 150 interlocks shoot moa or better with minimal fuss out of all my 30's so yes a great starting load to setup with!
Reduced training loads for my young son or max velocity hunting they work very well, he has taken 2 nice Sambar at close range with these this year.

The Amax or SST's will have you on the money with any of your range work, my friend uses the 208 Amax's in the style Nathan suggests. This has worked very well from 50 out to 600, very effective for Fallow & Sambar alike but he has the bulk of the Sendero to tame them a bit.

Keep us posted about how you get on, l found the Howa's are good to work with!
21 Oct 2014
@ 11:03 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Yes, the SST's or A-Max should do fine for open country work.

As for your bush load, you can have a bit of fun with this and try different loads:
Norma 180gr Vulcan
Sierra 170gr .30-30
180 grain Interbond with half the ogive filed back for the hell of it.
200 grain something with the something done to it.

we can often manipulate performance and create exceptionally fast killing bush loads for the likes of Sika etc, producing are very ethical kills with regard to snap shooting and potential in errors.
22 Oct 2014
@ 05:36 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Don't forget the humble old Nosler Partition's in your list! That could be your 200 something!

A bit pricey but would be a great choice for the extra punch of the wsm, they have served me well with all sorts of bush work & snap shots.
09 Nov 2014
@ 02:48 am (GMT)

Andrew Dobbin

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Hi Nathan and Others,
its taken me a while to get working on this rifle due to work, but have managed to get it to where i need a bit of help.

When i am preping the underside of the tang, where the trigger unit goes, am i better to use tape , or just fill up all the holes with plastercine?

Also is this a good enough burn prep? or do i need to do it again?

09 Nov 2014
@ 02:01 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Hi Andrew, the stock prep looks really good.

You can use plasticine or tape to fill those voids- up to you. But, if you use plasticine, make sure there is some plasticine on the top side of the trigger sear cut out to prevent the plasticine from being pushed through.

28 Nov 2014
@ 04:39 pm (GMT)

Andrew Dobbin

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Finally got time to post an update for those interested.
I finished bedding about 2 weeks ago, came out real nice with just a couple of cosmetic cracks at the tang.
I ended up putting a Timney trigger in because when I adjusted the factory trigger to 1.5lbs the trigger weight screw was only engaging about 1.5 threads, and this just didn't feel safe to me. Bonus that the Timney has a 3 position saftey opposed to the original 2 on the factory.

I fixed the cosmetic issues with some Sellys Kneadit epoxy and you can hardly see it ( Colour matches with Match grade bedding compound really well.) The fixes are NOT touching anything, a good 2 mm clearence.

I managed to get some time on thursday evening to sight in and do one preliminary test group. Shot 1.1" at 100yrds with the lateral deviation being all my fault. (changed the tension in the sling didn't I)

Group was shot with Federal "Blue Box" 180 grn
With more practise at this level of recoil i think this rifle will be sub 0.5".
Hand loads will help too.
I am planing on using 180 SST's for open country work. Haven't decided on a bush load yet.

Thats it on the Bipod, wearing an old VX1 3-9x40. this will be upgraded to an S111 Sightron when I save up enough.
The rifle in the foreground is my old Sweede that Nathan has helped me to "Trick Up" (Boyds stock, Timney trigger, bedding etc).
Thanks All for the help.
28 Nov 2014
@ 05:41 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Weatherby Vanguard 300WSM
Looks like it's working out nicley Andrew!

The stock triggers normaly work well down to 2pds but its always nice to have a Timney hey!



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