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Re: new brass

17 Oct 2014
@ 10:53 am (GMT)

Ronald Le May

Hi Thomas & Nathan
You can neck size if using the brass in the same rifle but after a while you may find the case grows in length which requires the case to be trimmed and FLS'ed.(Bump the shoulder back) I usually FLS every 3rd firing in my 6.5/284 and trim every reloading.
The secret to extended case life is to work up a load that gives the performance you require without running it hot, though in saying this Magnum cartridges do have a lower limit which it is advised not to load below.
Whether this will or may set up a secondary EE could be the reason, I have found out my 6.5/284 does not have to be run at 2950 fps to get the best from it though I have seen loads up to 3000+fps with 140 VLD's.
In the long run you have chosen a round that is desirable for your hunting purposes and shooting applications.
The real trick in the whole gambit of reloading and accuracy is consistency and scrupulous cleaning/inspection of your cases and components.
Lets start tomorrow with the set up for reloading your 270 if you have the gear then good stuff Nathan will chime in if I tend to go a tad off the known track.

I have a strict loading regime and was fortunate to have a tutorial session with Nathan whilst in Urani NZ my family as well. (SEPT '14)
With 50+ years shooting experience between my wife and I and 2 years for my 15 y/o son Nathan taught us allot as we are the type that even though we have habits we are open to change and what a change he brought to my son and myself.
For my son from a 3 moa to a bug hole in 4 hours of tuition with different rifles and calibre's some in the higher recoil plain, he knows his stuff.
He did say he could not teach my wife much more on her shooting technique when she started it is that good.
And the measure of the man that he understood we had the salt to be able to consistently group with his rifles eased the day for him and allowed us time to talk openly about wringing the best from a weapon.
We both agreed if you load crap ammo with little care the results were proven on the day we had 2 shooters bug holing, I tried the same rifle with rounds with a run out of 8-10 thou. And I went from a bug hole to a 1.5-2" group of 3 shots proofs in the pudding.
I will see where this thread goes and may offer my humble findings from 41 years shooting weapons I feel Nathan had a pretty easy day with my family as we proved safety was first was it at all times an getting the weapon to place the shot right on the money allowed him to relax a bit more.(None of us had ever shot any of the 4 rifled used that day)
The after noon tea was superlative but seriously bloke the front left cv on your old ute is very sad better get er sorted soon eh!!!!
Will add more to this as I think I may be of some assistance in my own way just doing basic steps and setting up the turret trimmers and uniforming etc
Anyway to one and all have a good one, so till soon time I look forward to helping.


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