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Re: Rem 700 sendero bolt (problems?)

25 Sep 2014
@ 06:14 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Hi all;

Let me update this thread, FWIW.

The rifle is performing, at least, well. I have put plenty of work in the rifle, following Nathan´s books. It has been bedded with Matchgrade bedding compound, lugs lapped, optics fit, barrel mantained as best as I can.

Get some H4831sc, a bit fast, but it was the best I can get. Pushing 208 amax at 2870fps. I can improve my reloads a bit, just waiting to get some extra stuff.

I have a pair of questions, in order to end the set up of the rifle, until I can get it blueprinted (after burn the factory barrel).

I have get in contact with a good machine shop. They can recut the crown, but I want to know the better way to do it. Of course, I will try to remove the minimum lenght of barrel. The factory crown has 11 degree cut, but theintersection with the bore has a very small cut, more or less at 45 degree. Should I copy this cut? Or just let it al 11?. What is the optimal width of the flat (0 degree) surface, in the outside of the muzzle? In other words, the more 11degree cut, the better?

I have a new pair of zee rings waiting to be mounted. Bases have been epoxyed to the action with no problems. But when it comes to level the rifle (so then you can level the scope) I have some troubles... I think this is very important, because you can input windage errors when dialing up if the scope was canted.

I have the rifle siting in my bench. Than I attached some bubble levels, over the forward and rear bases, and over the action (between the bases). Each one indicates different cants. No big differences, but definetly there are some discrepancies. Considering only the bases, you can see the differences here:

Wich "flat" reference do you use to set up the cant of the scope? Maybe, assuming there could be another discrepancies (bore to acion misalignment, for example), the only way to do is mount the scope and test fire at 100 yds, dialing up and looking at the paper for error.

The trigger recall finally affected Spain. I have a nice pair of new X-shit triggers waiting for be binned. LOL

Thanks for the help!


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