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Re: Is more better?

19 Sep 2014
@ 09:30 pm (GMT)

Daniel Schindler

link didnt work...www.hunting nut
big game hunting forum
129grn thread by Slimjim


Slim's report was outstanding. Highly informative and useful, based on hard data, just like Nathan's. Thanks for sharing. Much obliged.


No offense please,….I've had a bad experience with the 7 RMag with a quality bullet at a very reasonable range, hit solidly in the right place. We did recover the animal after a long hour. I've no doubt whatsover that many love this calibre, and for very good reasons,…..I'm just not a fan. I do appreciate your response Robert.

After a few days, a good many hours and a couple of long conversations with trusted friends who are long on knowledge and experience in the hunting fields, for now, I've decided to hold off on purchasing the Weatherby. From what Mike and Nathan have suggested, I'm going to take my .270 Win and further explore its potential.

I greatly appreciate the feedback and look forward to visiting here often.

Thanks again.


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