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19 Sep 2014
@ 08:22 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

I have been reading this forum for a little over a year. The subject of recoil, perceived or felt recoil is a common topic.
As someone who shot a lot of skeet years ago, I tend to shy away from recoil. With very little cartilage in my right shoulder, its about not getting kicked now. I own a 264 mag that is is a pleasure to shoot but my 270 in an Encore that will jar your teeth.

What stock designs aid the shooter in feeling less of the perceived recoil? Is a shorter length of pull better? I see Nathan mentions the cheek piece as a culprit. At what point does that lightweight rifle turn into a beast?


20 Sep 2014
@ 02:03 am (GMT)

thomas kitchen

Re: Recoil
hopefully nathan along to help soon. but one that push's recoil straight back into shooter / stock that is inline with the barrel etc. if you have a look at the wood stock thread you'll see that one of the bell and carlson design comes up, might be worth look at. there also a thread called recoil reducers and stock design gets mentioned in there, hope it helps
20 Sep 2014
@ 04:23 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Recoil
ok more info needed on the .270 please....what ammo are you feeding her???
what is recoil pad like???
20 Sep 2014
@ 08:57 am (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Recoil
I reload everything so I can adjust a little bit. My 270 is fed 130 grainers with a muzzle velocity going about 3000 fps. The encore is light and I get the physics on that. It has a rubber butt pad. I also use a Ruger #1 in a 270 that is easy to shoot. Again, that has the same butt pad but considerably more weight.

For the Encore, I am stuck with the stock design. Changing the butt pad is an option. The stock designs for future rifles is what I am after.

20 Sep 2014
@ 12:33 pm (GMT)

Allen Mays

Re: Recoil
I recently purchased an inexpensive polymer stock 270 that kicks like a mule. Being a small framed guy, it was more than I could comfortably shoot. After the first day at the range, I bought a limbs aver recoil pad and it mad a tremendous difference. I am looking at purchasing some of the reduced recoil loads (I don't hand load- yet) made by Remington or Hornady as well. Those are inexpensive and simple ways to reduce the felt recoil. Of course, spending the money on a quality stock is ideal if you can afford it.
20 Sep 2014
@ 04:57 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Recoil
Hi Shawn, I believe the first part of my first book may be available as a free download on the shopping pages. This covers stock design. But yes, as you say, stock design is a limiting factor with the Encore. The butt stock is pitched very low relative to the line of the bore. I also find that the scope mounts are set in such a way that the scope can end mounted too close to the shooter's eye.
20 Sep 2014
@ 06:59 pm (GMT)

Shawn Bevins

Re: Recoil
Got it.. Thanks Nathan. Much appreciated on the replies.
My dad had an 06 when I was a kid in a model 70. That thing kicked like a mule with 180 grain loads. I have owned one since.

21 Sep 2014
@ 02:09 am (GMT)

John Smith

Re: Recoil
In my 1966 Mannlicher .270 carbine I reload a Nosler 160 grain Partition
bullet with RL 22 and have no trouble with recoil. Maybe I'm just lucky
that the stock fits me well.


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