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340 Weatherby article live

11 Sep 2014
@ 09:21 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Cheers, Nathan.


05 Apr 2015
@ 03:24 am (GMT)

Buck Slammer

Re: 340 Weatherby article live
Hi Nathan, thanks for this as it is almost a forgotten cartridge. I love this fire breathing beast, and I think it's quite efficient compared with the RUM. Using less powder to arrive at the same speed. I purchased my rifle from Bob Penfold who hunted the world with it and he said you have to pick bullets for the job. I think he alternated between the 210gn Nosler for smaller stuff and the 225gn Barnes X (1st version) for everything else including 100's of Water Buffalo. If you know of Bob, you would know he would have seen truckloads of animals killed with lots of different rifles, and he preferred the 340 - hits hard and shoots flat. Thanks again.


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