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Stock options

11 Sep 2014
@ 04:41 am (GMT)

Glenn Edwards

I've just bought a couple of sako 75s in 7mm08 and 7mm Rem mag. I'm looking at putting new stocks on these but having trouble finding options that suit. Following Nathan's advice I'm looking for a straight recoiling setup, no Monty Carlo cheek piece and without loosing height at the heel. I've emailed McMillan and they've got back to me saying they could only do the sako hunter style stocks for the 75. I've looked at SG stocks in NZ, they are realistically a year in the making and still the sako style. The one that looks promising is Senator Stocks here in NZ. I called Jason he was very helpful and came across as a "can do" sort of guy. But it's still very hard to discern what a stock feels like or works like without picking one up. I'm hoping you guys can pitch in and give me your thoughts as to what makes a good stock and especially if anyone as had any experience with the senator stocks, what do you make of them? Any advice or perspective is welcome and appreciated


11 Sep 2014
@ 04:27 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Stock options
Hi Glenn, I had a look at Jason's stock designs, he is currently using facebook as his web page- we all have to start somewhere. From what I can see, he already has a handle on a good basic shape if you look at the Lefty M700 and also the light grey stock.

If you can get Jason to build you something with a bit of meat in the forend without going overboard, I think you would be very happy. The other key factor which a lot of smaller operators (and a few larger operators) neglect is the need for a sold fill through the action area- not glass over foam. So double check this, both for his and your benefit.

A simple forend design (and stock pitch) to copy would be the Hogue. These are readily available and Jason should have no trouble going into a gun store and eyeballing / measuring / tracing a Howa or M700 tactical wearing this stock.



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