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Re: Recoil reduction

10 Sep 2014
@ 04:28 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

In my second book, I have put forward a useful method for determining bullet suitability for game. As far as the A-Max goes in 7mm, I tend to rate this as a 10% bullet based on this method. Sorry guys, I do not wish to delve further into the details here apart from to say that I do not suggest the 7mm A-Max as being "ideal" for Elk, but that it can be used succesfully at lower velocities and in the 7x57, this bullet can make for a good all around type of load where a wide range of game body weights are to be encountered.

Earlier in this thread, I suggested the .280 Remington for Dan as an option. But the 7x57 has great merit. A 160 grain bullet driven at 2650fps can be highly effective and certainly produces less recoil than the .30-06. However, two of the most high recoiling rifles I have ever shot were an ill fitting 7mm08 and a 7x57. I shoot up to 300 rounds magnum per week, you name it, I shoot it. But an ill fitting light weight rifle with a sub standard trigger and short eye relief scope can still throw me. These rifles can really annoy me.

Marty mentioned shooting a Lightweight Browning not too long ago, a.30-06 with basic loads. It near knocked him into next week with short eye relief euro optics. Another good example.

So, whichever direction is taken, rifle configuration cannot be neglected. One cannot be put ahead of the other (within reason).


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