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Re: Recoil reduction

05 Sep 2014
@ 08:07 pm (GMT)


I was out of town so missed my chance to weigh in on this thread earlier. I won't argue caliber here (but I love my 308!), but I have some observations on platform. Nathan got me into using Rem 700 actions on semi-customs and I could not be happier. With a Timney trigger, they shoot like a dream (I have three). Since time is short for this season, I would suggest buying a Rem SPS in your desired caliber and find a load that will get you by for this season. Then in the off-season, bed it in an HS stock - in my experience recoil was really reduced - replace the trigger, and consider a little heavier barrel to help with recoil.

I also have an out-of-the-box Tikka T3 Lite (308) that, totally unmodified, shoots half a dozen factory loads at an inch at 100yds and two at 0.5 inch. It is a light and versatile rifle that is so easy to carry. From what I read here, though, it is not as easy as the Rem 700 to modify later.

I would also outfit it with the Sightron SIII 3.5-10x44mm scope. The combination of Rem 700 platform and Sightron scope makes the ideal rig for me. Shoot it out-of-the-box now and modify later. And less recoil in the bargain.


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