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Re: Tikka T3 build/bedding

05 Sep 2014
@ 04:52 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Sorry to be a pain Ben but I would like you to have a think about upping the trigger weight a half pound / quarter turn. Once we go below 1.5, things can go wrong. Cold mornings / evenings are the biggest problem where feeling is lost in the extremeties. Under these conditions, accuracy can be very poor, the trigger going off well before the hunter is settled.

You may also find that accuracy is poor at 100 yards. Target shooters use very light settings of a half to 1lb but even then, my tests show that small fliers can be produced by these settings. We had a good discussion about this in another thread here regarding set triggers.

Its quite surpirising what a half pound increase or decrease can produce.

OK, sorry to nag. Up to you. Have a think about it and perhaps experiment during the break in phase.


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