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Re: Recoil reduction

03 Sep 2014
@ 03:46 am (GMT)

thomas kitchen

I'm here to learn so any feed back to my comments are greatly appreciated.
i have an old parker hale 303 that up till recently was my main hunting rifle i upgraded the scope on it a while ago, while i was sighting it in and having a play, it was nailing my shoulder (30 plus rounds) what i discovered that the recoil paid thats probably 20 years old had gone hard in the centre but was soft on the outside so rather then spreading the recoil over something 50mm wide it was closer to 25 mm wide. i fitted a limbsaver and find it much more comfortable to shoot now. 2 months is a tight time frame if money is tight to (when is it never tight) in nz muzzle breaks start at bout $120 would it be worth threading your muzzle fitting a break to get you through the hunting season then applying for the right permits etc for a suppressor as the muzzle would already be threaded


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