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Tikka Varmint models

02 Sep 2014
@ 08:34 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Just a list of the current varmint models from Tikka which Marty passed on to me today.

Bear in mind that you need to take magazine lengths into consideration as per my first and second books if contemplating purchasing one of these rifles.

TIKKA T3 Stainless Steel or Blue Varmint

204 Ruger / 12" / (4 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

222 Rem / 14" / (4 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

223 Rem / 8, 12" / (4 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

22-250 Rem / 14" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

243 Win / 10" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

260 Rem / 8" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

7mm-08 Rem / 9.5" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

308 Win / 11" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

25-06 Rem / 10" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

6.5x55 SE / 8" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

270 Win / 10" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

30-06 Sprg / 11" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

9.3x62 / 14" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

7mm Rem Mag / 9.5" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

300 Win Mag / 11" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

338 Win Mag / 10" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

270 Win Short Mag / 10" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)

300 Win Short Mag / 11" / (3 in magazine, 1 in chamber)


03 Sep 2014
@ 07:54 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Tikka Varmint models
I have seen some really good results with these rifles in 300wm & 338wm here in OZ, some with muzzle brakes and all with good optics fitted. These guys are still feeding through the std mags as well.
Seem to be a solid, affordable entry into LR shooting, is that how you are finding them Nathan?
Do you get much mail about accurizing them?

I know Ben has posted some of his work on his, is anybody else using them for LR work?

If l had of known about the 9.3 Varmint a couple months ago its the way l would have gone and just opened up & lightened the Boyds to suit!
But in saying that my light works bloody well for its intended use!

04 Sep 2014
@ 12:59 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka Varmint models
Hi Marty, I have seen two flawed barrels so far, both .224 caliber. That is a high success rate considering the amount of rifles I see and clients I talk to. Really good odds, still running at about 95% for the brand in general.

The smaller the caliber, the harder it is on the tooling.

I am still not too happy with the .300 Win Mag configuration. Seated 1mm/40 thou shorter than internal magazine length, the 208gr A-Max ogive ends up in the case neck. You can just sneak it forwards but its not ideal. The simple fix would be for Tikka to offer this in .308 Norma. Otherwise, for general use, the mag length is OK so long as loads are concentric prior to the big jump.

Am seeing a few probs regarding the new BC stock. The lug is fixed and some stock chassis are not properly aligned, wanting to twist the action at the tang. Two fixes:

1, grind out the lug and fit own lug, then bed- but requires either a 6mm/1/4 end grinder or mill.

2. Glue and screw as per book 3. Start with very light torque, then finish torque setting the next day (to prevent twisting the action). But- some clients / readers are nervous about the glue screw method and unwilling to apply (it really is dead easy and safe guys).

The upshot is, some of these stocks are being sold second hand due to end users lack of confidence in DIY skills (or lack of appropriate tools). The end user can become dejected after witnessing a loss in accuracy after the stock is tested in comparison to the factory stock- but finds no solution for the B&C that he is happy with.

In other instances, end users simply bed over the lug. But as you will be aware, if you bed over this lug, fitting and removal will chip the compound away due to the direction of movement, shape of the lug recess and forces involved. No doubt there are many "drop in" success stories. I tend to see the problem rifles due the nature of this work etc.

I have emailed B&C to ask if they would be willing to float the lug with reasons / photos. Have had no reply. Perhaps it went to spam, who knows.
04 Sep 2014
@ 06:46 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: Tikka Varmint models
Have only seen 4 of the BC stocks in action and all worked well, but this amount is no way near the amount of emails etc. that you get about them l bet!
I tried one for my 9.3 but felt a bit cramped so l went with the Boyds Classic instead, but l would not recommend them without bedding for a Tikka or most other guns for that matter! The supplied lug was a bit ruff!

Seems to be a constant bug bear with these T3's is the lack of after market stock options available and the possible (maybe probable) need for bedding or lug fit to the ones that are.

It is good to hear that you are still seeing 95% in the barrels, thats a good strike rate for a mass produced rifle. Still cannot fault any of the machining on mine.
Maybe the wsm's are a good LR option, no worries with the mag there just fit a LA mag and bolt stop! The 30-06's would suffer the cramped mag issue with the big pills as well l guess?
04 Sep 2014
@ 09:39 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka Varmint models
Hi Marty, the .30-06 case is slightly shorter so there is a bit more room to play wiith the 208gr A-Max. FYI, the 208gr A-Max is different to other A-Max bullets having a longer ogive.

From memory, the WSM's don't feed too well from the Tikka belted magnum magazines. But the WSM magazines can be modified a touch anyway- takes a bit of time and patience but it can be done. There is also the Delta Tactical (Australia) bottom metal but this requires a good deal of stock alteration. Having said all of this, the jump with the WSM's is not so bad, no worse than 7mm-08 or .308 Win. I tend to alter the mag and get straight into close seating but that is not the only way to go. Good concentric hand loading counts for a lot.

I do like the B&C stocks, the fit, the strength, the color, everything. Certainly worth pursuing and overcoming any obstacles.
05 Sep 2014
@ 12:58 am (GMT)

thomas kitchen

Re: Tikka Varmint models
if you wanted a tikka in 308 norma mag could you just get a 30.06 and get it rechambered?have heard of people rechambering the 7-08 to 280 but think mag length comes into play. is the only difference between a varmint and super varmint the cheek rest and scope rail?


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