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Your thoughts on rebarreling a .338 Win Mag

31 Aug 2014
@ 05:43 am (GMT)

Bill Goodland

It's time to re-barrel my .338 Win Mag. After reading some of Nathan's books, it is looking like I have a fairly average barrel on my Ruger MKII. The rust pitting towards the muzzle from a super wet (by West Oz standards) weekend hunt with a taped muzzle, may contribute as well.....lesson learnt there.

Anyway I am stuck with barrel contour and length, I am leaning towards 26" and No. 4 contour. I still want to be able to hunt on foot with it, but also be able to shoot to a max of 1,000 yards using 225 or 250gn projectiles. I will fit a brake when shooting LR only. I'm a bit concerned about threading the barrel and how that could affect accuracy. barrel twist is also something that I would appreciate thoughts upon.

I have just picked up a HS Precision stock with the aluminium bedding block which is a nice little number, after the original timber stock split.

You might say to bin the Ruger and start again, but the gun laws in WA are very restrictive and so I am pretty well stuck with making a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Any constructive thoughts out there?


31 Aug 2014
@ 09:57 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Your thoughts on rebarreling a .338 Win Mag
HI Bill, its funny how weight is a subjective issue. I went to check the weight of my .338 Edge for you. I build this rifle as a "medium" weight. It breaks the general rules of an Edge build and rather than a 30" full contour barrel, it has a basic 26" semi varmint contour onto which my forward port brake is fitted. Steph has been sniping cow pats with it of late, so the partial recoil reduction is quite fine with the forward ports- as long as the rifle is held properly.

As for the weight. The contour is a True-Flite #4. The muzzle (before threads) is .730". The thread is M16. The weight of the rifle ready to roll is 5.2kg or 11.44lb. To me, its a medium weight rifle. The scales say otherwise. My perspective is subjective, not objective.

You could save some weight by having less meat at the beginning of the barrel. Mine is full contour for 3", then slowly tapers.

The brake weighs 150 grams (.3lb). The stock weighs 2.9lb.

A basic 1:10 twist will allow you to use the full range of bullets. No need for anything faster.
01 Sep 2014
@ 07:24 am (GMT)

Bill Goodland

Re: Your thoughts on rebarreling a .338 Win Mag
Thanks Nathan, looks like I'm on the right track with the 26" no. 4 barrel. My .338 weighs 3.1kg ready to go and a little more heft would not be a bad thing there at all. I might go the True Flight road as I haven't heard a bad thing about them.

I'm not after a heavy rifle as I have a 7mm300WSM getting built on a VSSFII base. This will have a 28" Lilja Sendero taper barrel plus terminator brake and VX6 scope. (if it ever gets finished)

Anyway, thanks again for the advice. Is there any chance you will be doing some wound research on your wife's sniping targets??


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