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new to reloading ladder test

24 Aug 2014
@ 02:48 am (GMT)

thomas kitchen

hi guys just started reloading for my 270. done some reloads with once fired hornady brass trimmed with lee guide and loaded with 150grain interlocks 46grain (minimum load) of adi 2209 c.o.a.l to adi manual. tried them today went ok didnt blow myself up so thats a good start. i need to do a ladder test to find better accuracy. what increments do you guys recommend and how many rounds per increment?
any and all help is appreciated.
along with any other advice to do with reloading


24 Aug 2014
@ 06:40 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: new to reloading ladder test
Hi Thomas,

With your 1st ladder test most people shoot 3 shot .5 grain loads across a suitable rest. You will see patterns in the groups that widens and tightens, which will be the velocity nodes for that "combination setup in your rifle".
Once a node is found fine tuning can be done around that charge amount to give the best group.
Just make sure your seating depth and case type/preparation are the same for all your test loads.
Tunning with seating depth also can make big differences but you need to gauge your bullet jump so l would stick to your ADI coal recommendations whilst you learn the basics!

This is with the assumption that your rifle is sound, the mechanics of your gun can play marry hell with the groups at different velocities. In turn confusing you no end!

Have fun Marty
24 Aug 2014
@ 08:01 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: new to reloading ladder test
I was just logging in- beat me to it Marty!

Thomas, please follow Marty's advice.

If you need select advice, you can contact me privately and I would suggest you do so at some stage. A phone chat can be very useful. Will need to set a time that is convenient for the both of us.
24 Aug 2014
@ 10:25 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: new to reloading ladder test
Yep thats a better option again!

Nathan helped me whilst learning to reload heaps, saving me lots of greif & getting me out of some problems of my own making

Even what seems like the "simple" operation of setting up your F/L die is not as straight forward as your instuctions have you think, if you want good case life that is!
Always remember your rifle has production tolerances same as your dies so you have to get them working together!

I always pay or donate as Nathan calls it cover his time and many phone coversations later l have all my rifles humming pretty well....... need to get that reloading book finished mate! heeee
25 Aug 2014
@ 04:35 am (GMT)

thomas kitchen

Re: new to reloading ladder test
thanks martin ill give that ago the rifle (tikka t3) seems to shoot nicely with factory loads hornady white tails and superformance two bullets touching the 3rd shot still alludes me still getting sub moa thou.
sounds like a phone call will be in order at some stage nathan i only brought a reloading kit on thursday so still getting my head round bits and pieces much appreciated guys


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