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Re: p 14 project

15 Aug 2014
@ 03:36 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Thomas, I suggest you go with a full diameter knox (A) at 1.23" for a length of 2", then taper down to .650" at 26". Arthur can make any final adjustments to the knox if need be.

You can dock down to 24" later if the rig seems too long.

A No.4 barrel would be nice to tame recoil but you talked about climbing high with the rifle so the #3 will make for an acceptable carry rifle for backpack hunting. If recoil proves to be unacceptable, you could dock the #3 barrel to 24" and fit a suppressor. There will be plenty of meat in the barrel for thread cutting and a degree of heat distribution. But I think you will find nthe rig fine as is. The Boyds had a degree of weight in it and the straight recoil design will help tame recoil.


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