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Re: Tikka T3 build/bedding

06 Aug 2014
@ 05:51 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Ben as Nathan says don't give up just yet!

Even though you may have some areas that are not perfect you will have good contact in plenty of others, relieving as instructed and as necessary.

This Tikka is not my first by a long way, l have had many failures & rework’s. Some of my ugly ones have shot very well, as well as any others!
My two experiment rifles a Howa 1500 & Marlin XL7 where bedded both ends instead of full bedding at first and worked very well.
All l am saying is clean it up and whilst doing it you will develop your technique even further, then if it shoots all’s good. If not, again follow Nathan’s instructions.
If you get large breakouts in the bedding you will have to look at a redo with the knowledge learnt from this one! Have a look at my 2nd pic, heaps of mechanical lock!

And l like that you have posted in this thread, thanks! I was hoping that it would get people talking about their bedding jobs & techniques! it is the one thing that’s been missing in the forum chats!
A few of Nathan’s gazillion emails may be worked out on here as most of us have bedded our rifles with Nathans help.

I heading off to test mine this weekend along with some very basic load development so will post a few mores pics Monday.

P.s. Sorry about the calls Nathan!


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