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Re: Tikka T3 build/bedding

06 Aug 2014
@ 08:25 am (GMT)

Ben Law

so i pulled the action from the stock, after after freezing for 10mins in cling wrap.
didn't look too bad at 1st. only a couple very small air bubbles and a bit bigger one near the recoil lug.
but a couple of pieces of compound chipped out near the edges.

i started cleaning it up, done a bit of a rough job really, lost a bit of motivation for perfection now the jobs not perfect.

ill finish cleaning it up, put it back together and see how it shoots.

not sure what i'll do with it yet, might grind it out and try to redo it properly or consider a laminate stock.

by the way Marty, sorry for hijacking your thread, i hope you don't mind too much.

few pics...


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