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223 brass

05 Aug 2014
@ 07:49 am (GMT)

Wayne Woodard

I'm up for new 223 brass and was gonna try ADI. Home grown and reasonable price. I've heard it is consistent but thick walled. Any ideas or suggestions?


05 Aug 2014
@ 04:18 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 223 brass
Hi Wayne, I have not done any serious accuracy work with this brass. One of our other forum members Jason is in the process of doing this now so he may like to report.

I think Jason has been having some problems using 2206H (H4895) with 75gr bullets and may have to change to BM1 or similar. I am sure he will post when he gets a chance. Jason said that his lot of brass has been consistent.
05 Aug 2014
@ 09:34 pm (GMT)

jason brown

Re: 223 brass
yes, like Nathan said. I find the adi all very uniform.
my story is... I got lapua brass for my 80gr amax load and adi for more casual loads. working with both brands they seem much the same. I didn't bother uniforming primer pocket seen as I was using lapua, I figured that was some of what I was paying for. then as seen as the two brands seemed much the same the more I used them, I never uniformed the adi either. (I found after uniforming other brass you kind of get an eye for it when you look into the pocket, how true the bottom is) so I cant actually say how true the daimentions are, I didn't actually true any up.

on the 9th load the lapua didn't shoot well, I figured they needed annealing.
but thought why bother im happy with 8 loads from a case.
now as seen as im re-working my load and the adi seems as good and cheaper, plus the fact im going to throw them out after 8 or nine loads instead of annealing, I will make all my rounds with adi.
so far iv have 7 loads and counting with no problems.

at 24.7gr of 2206h and the 80gr amax with ten thou jump I had run out of room for more powder, but didn't really need any more its was a fairly high pressure load. but I did want to seat deeper. I brought a dropper tube and can now seat to 15 thou. the load all ready was fairly good, so with a bit more jump it might just work out. if not change powder as Nathan said.

iv seem a few magazines that have reviewed the brass too. your never sure if magazines are getting paid, so to speak. to give good reviews or not. but they all seemed to rate them as well.

(usual warning, please nobody try my load data in your rifle, you might blow your head off. start with a book minimum)
19 Aug 2014
@ 09:48 pm (GMT)

Wayne Woodard

Re: 223 brass
Thanks for that Jason. I haven't been able to get any yet, seems a bit scarce.


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