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Scrape marks on seated .308 rounds

02 Aug 2014
@ 10:44 am (GMT)

John Smith

Yesterday a friend and I were sighting in his new Savage Model 11 in
.308. We were using Sierra HPBT 168 grain cartridges from HSM. The first
three shots from 25 yards all grouped within one half an inch. And
the rifle continued to group nicely. But the head of every brass had
a one fifth of an inch circular scrape mark. We checked a seated
unfired round and it also had the circular scrape mark.
HSM is a cartridge company in Montana. Help.


02 Aug 2014
@ 11:05 am (GMT)


Re: Scrape marks on seated .308 rounds
Interesting John,,, could you add a picture?
02 Aug 2014
@ 01:32 pm (GMT)

John Smith

Re: Scrape marks on seated .308 rounds
Sorry about no picture. All my cameras are
Leica's from the 1940's and 50's.
The Savage Model ll was new out of the box,
never fired before. Every one had the similar
curved scrape on the head of the .308's brass.
Except for this the rifle performed perfectly.
I am guessing that it is something in the bolt.
The mark occurred as the round was seated
and before firing.
02 Aug 2014
@ 05:10 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Scrape marks on seated .308 rounds
Hi John, its your fault for not holding your tongue at the right angle.

I would have to have the rifle on my bench to see what is going on John. Probably just a burr that can be polished out if you can find its source- no major drama. Sharp edges on bolt heads are not uncommon. Needle files and attaching sand paper to needle files are the usual means of clearing small burrs. A pack of needle files can be very handy, especially during bedding work. These can be obtained from engineers supplies at varying prices. Some are very cheap, some are very expensive- none last forever.

Just see if you can locate the burr. No need to be too precious.

Your friend may want to post photos if he is able to or send direct to me.

Nothing wrong with old Leica's. Probably worth a bomb now.
02 Aug 2014
@ 06:08 pm (GMT)

chris murphy

Re: Scrape marks on seated .308 rounds
Hi John I had a young fuller come to me with a similar problem on his brand new tikka .270 with factory ammo, under inspection i found i small nipple looking burr on the end of the ejector pin left from factory machining. i pulled bolt apart polished burr off problem solved.


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