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Re: 35 Whelen

30 Jul 2014
@ 12:06 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

When I get my ass into gear yes. I will be attempting to get the .338 data edited for uploading this Thursday / Friday.I hope to keep to this two day per week regime for sometime so that we can get through the .338's and so forth.

Joshua, the .35 Whelen is one of my favorite cartridges. It is also one of Steph's (the others being .270 Win and 7mm RM). I prefer to build rather than buy. A basic bolt action rifle with 24" barrel is the go or 22" for those who insist.

From a 22" barrel and up to 24", budget on 2400-2450fps with a 250gr bullet and 2600-2650fps with a 225gr bullet. You may get higher velocities but you said real world and these are the averages and typical accuracy sweet spots. These velocities produce a slowish, rolling type recoil that enables accurate shooting.

If you look through the forum threads, you will find another long thread regarding the Whelen, .358 Win and 9.3 bores. You will also see a hot load from Hornady which goes around 2900fps, something that cannot be reproduced with hand loads unless using Hornady SF powder. We all enjoyed this past thread and I am sure you will too. The thread cost a couple of blokes a bunch of money (Marty's current 9.3 posts bear witness to this) but all's well that ends well.


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