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Norma 180 gr Soft Point Boattail

21 Jul 2014
@ 12:55 am (GMT)

John Smith

Hello All,

I just came across a box of 100 Norma .30 cal, .308 diameter, 180 gr.
soft point boattail bullets, index 528. I probably bought them over 25 years ago and have not been able to learn much about them. A Norma ad says
they are good for mushrooming, but not much for weight retention or
Can anyone enlighten me about their hunting potential?


21 Jul 2014
@ 04:18 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Norma 180 gr Soft Point Boattail
Hi John, regardless of what the ammo was like when new, it will now be very soft. The lead will be powdery, the jackets fully annealed. Expect very fast expansion at close to moderate ranges.

Aside from this, I have found the conventional Norma projectiles to be very similar to Sierra equivalents with regards to metallurgy and terminal performance.


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