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Which one first?

18 Jul 2014
@ 08:06 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Nathan,I just bought a used Remington 700 ADL in 7mmRemington Magnum.
Going to use it for deer hunting from 50 yards out to 700 yards.
I am wanting to use the Hornady Superperfomance IF it shoots accurately from my rifle.

There is a store in my area that carries them and they carry the 139,154 and 162 grain.

I know that nothing is a given however which load do you think MIGHT give the best accuracy out of the Remingtons 26 inch barrel ?

The reason I ask is that at $35.00 a box I really dont want to Have to buy a box of each to try(though I will if I have to).

I guess what I am trying to say is given the Remingtons twist which one would you try FIRST.



18 Jul 2014
@ 08:58 pm (GMT)


Re: Which one first?
im not Nathan. but I used the 154 and 162 sst.
I shot them in my sendero I mostly used the 154. it would shoot about a half inch group. this 154 superformance round is really pretty good. in my 26 inch barrel I was getting 3150. the 162 grouped about the same from memory but I only used one packet then moved onto hand loading.

Nathan must be sick or in the dog box, unlike him to take a couple of days off.

18 Jul 2014
@ 09:55 pm (GMT)


Re: Which one first?
OR maybe Nathan has got a few days in the hills to do a bit of hunting?!? or even better for us all,,, testing!!

Craig, start heavy and really give them a good try, if your rifle is sound and your shooting technique solid (re-read Nathan hold the for-end) you should come away happy! Good luck, Aj
18 Jul 2014
@ 10:59 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: Which one first?
My first 7mag was the BDL. I think the twist is 9.5 as the Sendero is 9.25. I started loading the 139 Hornadys which would shoot clover leaf groups. Then moved to the 150 BT's in the Sendero which would shoot .25-.30. So start light and work your way up. Good luck.
19 Jul 2014
@ 05:08 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Which one first?
Thanks AJ, yes, I have been away hunting and testing projectiles. I cannot be at the computer all the time otherwise my info woiuld be based on opnion as opposed to experience.

I have found that the 154gr load works well in a variety of rifles and can be used with good results at longer ranges. AJ is correct, the heaviest bullet will deliver the goods at range if the rifle will shoot it. Jim is correct that the rifle may like a light bullet. It is all theory until the rifle is tested as both AJ and Jim know. You may have to test all three loads. You can start with the 154gr load if you want because it does seem to produce the least finbicky results- but qagain, it depends on your rifle.

Just remember, the ADL is a budget rifle. It may need a great deal of work before it will shoot accurately as per the book series. If you wish to use the rifle at long ranges, you will need to do the hard yards setting up the rifle. Book 3 has test criteria and step by step methods. It costs about the same as a box of ammo.
19 Jul 2014
@ 06:19 pm (GMT)

Craig Henard

Re: Which one first?
Thanks Everyone


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