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New rifle ordered

18 Jul 2014
@ 06:36 pm (GMT)

lyndon hewton

just placed an order for my new long range target/long range tops shooter.
havnt seen one here yet, but am getting a Howa classic varminter in .308.
#6 contour barrel at 24 inches.
am I right in thinking that the extra 4 inches will give about 100- 150 fps increase in velocity?
she'll be a heavy thing at round 14 pounds loaded, I can live with that though.
if it shoots anything near as good as my lightweight howa, i'll be pleased.
these things come as a bare rifle, any suggestions on a scope, have been thinking a vortex viper pst or similar.
any thoughts?


18 Jul 2014
@ 06:59 pm (GMT)


Re: New rifle ordered
hey mate, take a look at the optics section of the forum, there was a resent thread. sightron vs vortex

iv got too sightrons. s2 bigsky and s3 moa reticle.
both are very good. if I need a scope in the future I will just go straight for another sightron. value for money I think.
29 Aug 2014
@ 05:41 pm (GMT)

lyndon hewton

Re: New rifle ordered
New rifle arrived last weekend and after an initial inspection, it all looks good.
the machining is definitely of better quality to the Howa it replaces, no wee dags in the bolt race, underside of the receiver is smoother, bore looks nice, no worm skin , so in general its just a better finished rifle.
bout the only thing that i'm not impressed with is the fit of the Boyds stock.
with the action screws loose , I can wobble the action all over the show, to the extent that I have to be careful tightening the action screws or the action sits angled across the stock.
Bought 2 bedding kits off Nathan so that should cure that problem when done.
but still, i'm interested on how it will shoot as is, so i'm off to the range tomorrow to shoot it in ( even though it looks like its had a test group through it already from some copper in the bore) and get a base line number to work and evaluate future work from.
01 Oct 2014
@ 02:48 am (GMT)

lyndon hewton

Re: New rifle ordered
took the new girl out to the range a few times over the last few weekends, never running highland through it again.
Horrible sooty stuff that shoots all over the show. 3 inch groups, no pattern at all. velocities must be all over the show.
second time ran some blue box federal 150gr sp , and in blustery conditions and minus my glasses, managed just over moa for 3 shots.
the store threw in a nikko night eater which will do for the mean time.
going to bed it next week, still undecided on fl or fr bedding, but may as well go the whole hog and fl bed it.
managed to score a lee 50th ani reload set up for bugger all, so will start to load my own in the new year.
have seen American eagle fmj brass case ammo on sale lately, have been toying with it for a bit of practice and its a cheap way to fire form brass.
I have heard good things about the federal/American eagle brass.
anyone have an opinion on it, or do I just splash on the lapua or norma cases.
01 Oct 2014
@ 06:29 am (GMT)

robert meikle

Re: New rifle ordered
lapua is good brass very consistant and can be reloaded a lot more than other brands. as for your scope all scopes will work but for how long I have purchased thousands off pounds on good glass. ior s/b Swarovski nightforce I now use sightron. why it works it dials in 100percent it costs less than a lot off the others but works better for me in all departments. this is my second s3 first was mill dot now use the moa2 illuminated very nice scope for the money. stay clear off the sightron s tack there are some problems that sightron have to fix before id recommend them the s3 is the pick off the crop at this time save up and get one it will last you a life time
25 Mar 2015
@ 07:35 am (GMT)

lyndon hewton

Re: New rifle ordered
Righto , first up , thanks Nathan for speaking to me for a few minutes last week.
Was a great help just having a few wee things cleared up before taking to my stock with the die grinder.
Well , anyhoo, after all the prep work i dropped the action into the bedding compound on sunday arvo and pulled it yesterday.
Not as pretty as your work nathan , apart from a wee cock up at the back of the tang where a bit of tape bunched up , the bedding is a perfect mirror of the action.
but bugger me that boyds took a whole kit to fill , very little spill over .
spent some spare time last night and today cleaning it all up and it looks sweet.
No slop , just slides together and dosnt move.
Off to the range sunday to test her out.
Will let you know how she goes.

One quick question , has anyone bedded an M1a ?
My norinco one shoots 1.5 inches at 75 yards , want to tighten that up to moa if possible
25 Mar 2015
@ 09:29 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: New rifle ordered
I haven't mucked around with this sort of thing for a few years. I have played with the M14 in the past, somewhat similar.

The rules are pretty much- bed where you can, watch for trap points that will prevent it coming apart after bedding. All you want to achieve here is a stress free fit while eliminating any potential wandering of the barrel.

Hard to say how much accuracy you can get out of a Chinese chromed barrel. Enquiring minds huh.
13 Apr 2015
@ 08:16 pm (GMT)

lyndon hewton

Re: New rifle ordered
Finally got out to the range to try out the freshly bedded toy.
Even though it was blowing 30mph and gusting 50 never shot worse than inch groups and several times I had 2 out of 3 through the same hole.
Ammo was PMC 147 gr fmj.
i'd have to say that the job is a complete success.
Not as pretty as one of your jobs Nathan , but it works.
Cheers Nathan for a great product and great instructions.
Next is the m305 and the new tactical boyds coming for the jw15


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