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Re: Help me make up my mind !

18 Jul 2014
@ 04:50 am (GMT)

mark whiteley

you may not like my opinion Craig but I'm going to give it,

both are over priced, a new shillen chrome molly is about $200 ozzie and the match grade hand lapped stainless shillen are about $290, both in what ever you like contour, cal and twist.
I have just had a #6 match grade stainless sent to my door for $375 ozzie,
I went through a supplier as I don't know how to get export permits from the us, so he was part of the cost as well,

I will be getting the barrel chambered, threaded, the action trued and lugs ect done for a cost of around $400 but at the end of it I will have a better rifle,

procal in bannockburn victoria Australia sells brand new unused chrome molly rem barrels for $200 as he take's them off new remmy's to use the action for a rebuild for his customer's,

IMHO it would be cheaper for you to buy one off peter at procal and get it sent to you,

just my opinion, get the price down Craig

regards mark


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