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MDT LSS Tikka T3

17 Jun 2014
@ 05:55 am (GMT)

Jit Rathod

Thinking of this as a solution for the tikka plastic stock. Does anyone have any experience of these aluminium modular drop in stock?
I was planning a varmint stainless action and barrel in .308


17 Jun 2014
@ 07:18 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: MDT LSS Tikka T3
Hi Jit, I have no experience with this sorry. Nevertheless, I believe that by applying the semi permanent rigid mount methods as described in my latest book, the design could be utilized with optimum success. I do not believe that a fixed chassis lug should be left as a "return to battery" set up due to the potential for harmonic vibrations- unless the fit happens to be perfect or otherwise conducive to accuracy by luck etc.


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