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Head spacing

08 Jun 2014
@ 08:48 pm (GMT)

Barry Shone

I am putting together a Savage 116L in 30-06. I have head spaced the barrel using go/no-go gauges. All seems proper. Bolt closes with go gauge. Bolt does not close with no-go gauge. However if I chamber an empty case fired from the same barrel on a different Savage 116L action the bolt will not close. The case length measures 2.488, max length is 2.494(hornady handbook of cartridge reloading). What am I missing?


09 Jun 2014
@ 12:21 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Head spacing
Hi Barry, it "might" be a situation where your are near the limit but still OK for your rifle whereas in the other rifle, the chamber is slightly narrower, not shorter. Increasing the length of head space in the other rifle or shortening head space in your current rifle would effect the width of a fired case in such situations.

Just remember that the actual case length is not highly relative when head spacing. The length to the shoulder is the most important.

Always hard to say without having the rifle in front of me. I can only guess.

Regardless of the above, you are on the right track, don't be too concerned with the other rifle.
09 Jun 2014
@ 05:50 pm (GMT)

Barry Shone

Re: Head spacing
Sounds like my best bet is to FL size my brass and re-fire form. Too simple!
Many thanks?


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