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scope power settings

08 Jun 2014
@ 01:07 am (GMT)


Hi Nathan.
Just set up my new sightron 6×24 m.o.a scope on my sendero.
About to do some load development using 162g sst .My previous scope only went to 14 power. At 100 yards on 24 power l could see a fly blinking on my target .But l find it hard to stop the wee dot moving around. So my question to you is what power setting do you find gives you the most consistent results at 100 yard load work.
Still checking the mail for your latest book.


08 Jun 2014
@ 03:25 am (GMT)


Re: scope power settings
The thing with the point of aim moving that it doesn't matter what magnification you're on - its moving the same amount. What's happening its because you have it on 24 you're just giving yourself the jitters by seeing it move so much. If you are going to hunt at looong range then leave it on 24 and train yourself to get it so it don't move so much. If its moving to much at 100 on 24 then its moving waaay toooo much at 700 or 800 metres.

08 Jun 2014
@ 08:24 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: scope power settings
Hi Tony, I use 24 power. 32 power is too much for me at 100 yards.

Work on developing a good steady rest (sand bags). I don't really have any steadiness issues and can settle the crosshair right where I want it. By the same token, I very rarely have human error in my shots when doing range work. A 40kph gusting wind effects me by .15". I think this just comes down to procedures and practice. Book 5 will deal with this in detail.

Thanks for the input Danny, bang on.

08 Jun 2014
@ 11:10 pm (GMT)


Re: scope power settings
Thanks for the replys guys. Yeah a good sand bag setup and some more practice sounds like the way. Just got to get use to the higher magnification my last scope only went to 14 × so l didn't notice the movement as much.
09 Jun 2014
@ 04:03 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: scope power settings
and once upon a time 6x was a high powered scope!!!!!!
I personally have 3x9s on my rifles and find for my usage that 9x is plenty enough but then 300 is a long shot for me. try holding it on target standing and you will put it down on lowest power setting you can lol


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