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22-250 rebarrel

07 Jun 2014
@ 12:33 am (GMT)

Jared Breingan

If I was to rebarrel a rifle in 22-250 to use as a practice rifle , varmints and light game, shooting 75 to 90gr projectiles, what twist would suit them best. Also how do you find the 90gr berger vld and what are they like on light game.


07 Jun 2014
@ 12:56 am (GMT)


Re: 22-250 rebarrel
You'd think a 1:8 twist, but why not rebarrel to a 243 or go all out and go a 260Rem.
07 Jun 2014
@ 02:15 am (GMT)

jason brown

Re: 22-250 rebarrel
im using a 1:8 twist .223 with 80gr amax. there doing 2800 fps
I have shot goats with them and they worked well, (the pictures may be in the wound database im not sure I havnt checked for a while) I would have no problem shooting the fallow deer as well, I find them softer than goats, I just havnt found a victim yet. this load started as a long range practise/rabbit round, but am confident to 200 on medium game, in theory maybe a further I just havnt tried.
the only reason they might not suit the 22-250 is the hornady tec told me there not recommended above 3600 fps.
07 Jun 2014
@ 02:18 am (GMT)

jason brown

Re: 22-250 rebarrel
oh, on rabbits you will get half the rabbit if your lucky, I have a fmj load now as my dog was a bit pissed off on the amount of meat he was getting.
07 Jun 2014
@ 12:02 pm (GMT)

Alvaro Piqueras Alonso-Lamberti

Re: 22-250 rebarrel
I agree with Deerdingo:

1:8 is the way to go for the 90 grainers and there are better options.

You want a medium game/preactice rig, but 90 grains are pushing the 22-250 to its limits. In other words, you´re not getting a "real" 22250. I have one, a savage heavy 26" barrel, 1:12 twist. Can´t be happier, as is easy to shoot, has no recoil and I can get easy sub-half MOA groups at 100m with the 60 gr V-MAX, at 3600 fps. But it isn´t a medium game rifle.

If you want small pills, a 243 or 6XC is the way to go. Take a look at the 6XC numbers, and don´t look back! With eighter you can pull light pills, faster than the 22-250, and can use 100-110 grains pills to get medium game (also 95 SST, wich is the bullet I use in my sporter 243)

Just my two cents!

09 Jun 2014
@ 03:59 am (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: 22-250 rebarrel
why not go to a more standard weight projectile for the .22-250??? 50-55grn for varmits and the heaviest barnes type that works for your barrel for bigger game???
I use a .223 and cant see the need for a heavier projectile...if you wont that weight? why 22-250 and not a .243??? (and I dont like twoforfrees)
there are guys here who have shot more deer than most of us will ever see using .22-250 with std weight projectiles,and one now says he uses 40 grain custom made copper projectiles at _/+ 4000fps for deer.


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