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Sambar load

02 Jun 2014
@ 05:33 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

From mail delivery failure when attempting to answer client:

I live in Australia and hunt sambar deer with a 300W. The sambar is the 3rd largest deer in the world and many people rate it the premier medium game animal in the world. A big stag can weigh up to 700pounds, although such a size is exceptional, and they are a very tough customer. I know a number of fellow hunters who have hunted sambar, wapiti, moose and caribou and they all rate the sambar as by far the toughest. They generally inhabit very rugged and bushy terrain and so need a tough bullet to stop them quickly. Over the years I have found the 220 grain sierra to be the most effective bullet. Hunting sambar you may only fire 2 or 3 bullets a year so I never bothered to reload myself but got them done for me. Unfortunately the guy passed away recently taking his knowledge with him. so I am wondering if you could suggest a suitable load for this bullet. The rifle is a Weatherby Vanguard with a 26' barrel. I think he was loading 67 grains of powder but am unsure what powder he used. Hope you can help.

Cheers ......

My reply:

Hi ....., we have Sambar here as well, about 2 hours drive from here.

The 67gr load you describe is a mid point load for ADI 2213sc powder. Velocity in your rifle will be around 2500fps. In some ways it is similar to a .35 Whelen load but without the frontal area and for a .300 Winchester Magnum is a very mild load. Hopefully you still have a cartridge or two lying around so that you can duplicate the cartridge over all length.

A standard or magnum primer will be sufficient.

I hope that helps explain things.


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