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Tikka T3 tactical or Remmington 5R

24 May 2014
@ 03:53 am (GMT)

Jit Rathod

In .308 of course.
Which one should I buy?


24 May 2014
@ 04:55 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Tikka T3 tactical or Remmington 5R
Hi Jit, I do not believe the word should is very productive in this instance, both are good rifles as I wrote in the first book.

Much will depend on your budget, the Tikka will generally shoot well as is but on occasion needs stabilizing and bedding. Some folk don't like plastic so to them, the Tikka is off the menu. Others are fine with plastic. Generally speaking, if bedding is not required, the set up is fast and the rifle fairly inexpensive, a quick route to an accurate rig.

The 5R can also shoot well as is but can benefit from bedding. The trigger can be lightened but is best replaced which adds about $300 NZ to the purchase price. The heavy barreled .308 M700 rifles have a degree of historical military appeal at a personal level for some folk. The rifles are made from steel and fiber (fibre) glass which also has appeal and is obviously robust. The 5R can be a slightly slower and more expensive route but the result is a wonderful rifle.

Twist rates for both rifles are about the same.

Only you can make the final decision. Neither is a bad choice.


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