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Advice on bedding Tikka M55

17 May 2014
@ 08:12 pm (GMT)

Wayne Woodard

Looking for a bit of advice on bedding my Tikka M55 222. There is a steel insert in the stock that the recoil lug fits in, I was thinking of leaving this and just grinding the rear down and bedding the lot. Their is room for relief areas on the lug.
The tang also sits on a metal plate (washer). Should I cut it and use a section of it (or something the same thickness), epoxied in place, as a height reference?
The tang is not threaded so what would be a good way of fixing the guide bolt?
I would like to put pillars in as I bed, do I fix these in before the bedding?What tolerance should their be on bottom of stock.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Attempting to add photos as references. Let me know if it doesn't work.
I have only bedded 2 rifles so far and am enjoying the learning process.
Awesome site Nathan has here. Waiting on the next book.


18 May 2014
@ 08:07 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Advice on bedding Tikka M55
Hi Wayne. Yes, do as you say at the front.

The tang is the issue with this rifle.

Cut and glue a pillar in first to give you a tang height reference point. Do away with the washer altogether. I do not know if you will ned a front pillar, the current system may be suitably stable.

Do not use a guide bolt in the rear at all. Simply plug the pillar with plasticine and plug the action screw hole with plasticine. Obviously, there is now a risk of misalignment. Use your dams and careful inletting to achieve correct alignment. Utilize multiple trial fits, checking hole alignment. Plug the holes as a last job before mixing and applying bedding compound.

This same method is to be applied to the Mosin Nagant.

Really hoping to have the next book launched this Friday or next Monday. It will have full pillar theory and application. Current status of the book is finished- next step is to build the shopping pages for the site (over the next few days). Nevertheless, I hope the above gives you a start point to allow you to get this project going.
19 May 2014
@ 04:38 am (GMT)

Wayne Woodard

Re: Advice on bedding Tikka M55
Thanks Nathan. It is definitely enough get me started, but careful inletting? I thought that stuff I pour in there was to cover up the mess.
19 May 2014
@ 06:15 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Advice on bedding Tikka M55
Ha- yes, to some degree. But at the same time, carefully selected reference points can help with alignment.


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