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Re: Sierra Game Kings

27 Apr 2014
@ 05:36 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Hi Jared, I had a look at the link. You have not done yourself any favors as the pictures clearly show spine hits. The largest wound is from a high raking shot and is very typical. Any frangible bullet of sufficient weight will do the same with the same shot placement. The bone of the spine becomes secondary missiles. To state that the Gameking itself caused this level of wounding is mis-leading.

Further down the firearms talk forum thread, someone has pointed out the same to you and suggested that by lowering shot placement, wounding would have been less dramatic. Another poster also came along and showed wounding with the 165gr BT which is of a near identical nature in terminal performance. The wound shown through the ribs is more in line with typical behavior of both bullets. Yet even with this information supplied to you, you choose not to listen and to continue pushing biased results as an example.

I have already highlighted the explosive and often spectacular performance of the Gameing design within the Knowledge base. I have tried to take time to carefully explain how this bullet works, its strengths, its limitations. I have given specific examples of GameKing bullets which can produce immensely violent behavior- all without including biased results. The second photo you supplied s in line with performance that can be achieved with the .25-06 100gr GK, the .270 cal 130gr GK and the 150gr 7mm GK as I have stated in the Knowledge base. These bullets are at times capable of exit wounds of up to 3" in diameter on like weight game without spinal hits.

If anything, you are giving the 165 grain bullet a bad rap by stating to the more unknowing, that this bullet will destroy the entire front end of a deer regardless of shot placement.


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