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Browning lever action rirle

24 Apr 2014
@ 12:54 am (GMT)

Tony Marasco

Feedback on the BLR takedown .Looks interesting to me.The takedown a good idea or not? Does it hold its poi.Thanks


26 Apr 2014
@ 09:45 pm (GMT)

Jared Thibodaux

Re: Browning lever action rirle
I have some experence with a BLR, I am by no means an expert on them but I have shot them before, overall I perfer a Marlin 336 for a lever gun or a bolt action for a longer ranged cartridge the BLR is something of a nitch gun though a very nice one. I had an issue with the last one I was developing loads for though, the firing pin strike was too weak to set off my CCI primers reliably, I don't know if that is a common issue but it would be a deal killer for me.
I have never taken one down put it back together and shot it, so I cannot comment on how well they hold their POI.
18 May 2014
@ 10:07 am (GMT)

Tony Marasco

Anyways, got a new blr takedown..have run about 30 rounds through it.Wondered about the lock time, seems ok, and the trigger will take some time to get used to, so far I like it.It is a saddle gun, and as a .270 win , a sheep rifle.I chronographed a few loads..140 barnes @3000 fps, no real signs of excessive pressure (handloads).The only.other issue is a sloppy box magazine fit.Maybe just this rifle.


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