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New slightly shorter range rifle

09 Apr 2014
@ 04:04 am (GMT)

Chris McKoy

So after the Sendero build I decided to put together something a bit shorter and more bush friendly, starting with an SPS tactical in .308, I shortened the barrel to 16 inches, added a bell and carson light tactical stock, Timney trigger , Zeiss optics, Hardy gen 4 etc. The results where better than expected...

I played around with different loads and this is the best so far, 43gr of ADI 2206h, with fed brass, cci primer, 150gr SST.

The group below is at 200m.


09 Apr 2014
@ 04:09 am (GMT)

Chris McKoy

Re: New slightly shorter range rifle
I was using a new type of Chrono which was giving really crappy results from 2600-4000fps, as 43 is a pretty light load, safe to say this is at about 2600.

The Zeiss scope is a 4.5-14 Conquest, which would be the first thing to go if I were to change anything. It may be an expensive scope, however the elevation/windage are all reversed from normal (clockwise up etc), and it clicks at 1/4 inch at 100m not 1/4 MOA. Anyway, hope you enjoy my pics.


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