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Sako A7 issue

04 Apr 2014
@ 11:49 pm (GMT)

Grant Harris

Hi Guys,

I've posted this on a couple of local (NZ) forums and thought I'd post it here to:

This is a pretty random thing to bring up, but I fell the need/responsibility too.

Wee while ago I was going to buy my mates sako A7 in 7mm RM and whilst pulling it apart I noticed the recoil lug missing. We had a look around on the floor but to no avail. I asked if/when he has had it apart and the only time was another cobber of his to adjust the trigger etc. Long story short - no recollection of recoil lug etc and so another was ordered. Now this rifle was fired many times and without it.ed0
Everything was completely forgotten until I got a txt from him today to say he pulled his mates sako a7 in 7mm RM recoil lug

I'm not sure what to make of this except I'm shocked to say the least.

Just putting it out there, I haven't even googled it yet to see if it's a common thing or not. All I can think of is that, thats 2 x sako a7 7mm RM that have been fired many times without recoil lugs - that shit is scary crazy.


05 Apr 2014
@ 03:26 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sako A7 issue
Poor old Sako, they really have gone downhill since Beretta took over. I am not really surprised to hear this. Certainly a shame.


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