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Which ADI powder for 7mm 08?

31 Mar 2014
@ 04:32 pm (GMT)

Rob Gott

I seek advice as to which would be the best choice of powder between AR 2208 and AR 2209 for the following purpose.

I am planning to load for a Marlin Xs7 in 7mm 08. The rifle has a 22" barrel. The projectiles that I wish to use are 145 gn Speer Hotcor; the quarry - fallow deer at ranges between 50 and 250m (300m extreme limit).

Thanking you for your assistance

Kind regards



31 Mar 2014
@ 05:58 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Which ADI powder for 7mm 08?
Hi Rob, ADI2208 (Varget) is as good as it gets in the 7mm-08, it was as if the two were made for each other.

If you are on your game and have the experience/knowledge to read pressure signs, although I cannot condone this practice for safety reasons, you can use the data for the 139gr bullet weight as your reference when working up loads. If you lack experience, stay with the 145gr data.

Seat the bullets so that their bases are just .2mm to .5mm below the bottom of the case neck (essentially flush). Do not try to seat close to the lands.

This bullet will serve you well on Fallow. The faster you can drive it the better. Please keep your camera handy.
12 Apr 2014
@ 06:19 pm (GMT)

Rob Gott

Re: Which ADI powder for 7mm 08?

Many thanks for your prompt and definitive advice.

It is greatly appreciated. I will take the conservative path, given my limited experience in hand loading.

Once agin thank you

26 Apr 2014
@ 09:30 pm (GMT)

Jared Thibodaux

Re: Which ADI powder for 7mm 08?
OK I know Varget is all the rage these days but I don't care for it much to be honest (not in 7mm-08 anyways) I don't know ADI powders much but Ramshot Big Game and H380 have been by far the best performers in my Browning 7mm-08.
47.5gr of Big Game and a 140gr SGK give me 2920fps and aprox 3/4 MOA accuracy, not bad for a featherweight 22" barrel rifle.
I cannot find the Hot Cores here but I have used H4350 and Speers 145gr BTSP with impressive results, holds under 1/2 MOA but is a bit slower then the Ramshot powder.
Lyman #49 says that H380 is the most acurate powder for the 7mm-08 in all bullet weights and my rifle agrees, fist batch of 120gr Pro Hunters shot through the same hole at 100yds.
Don't know if you have access to any of those powders, but I hope that helps.


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