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Loads for 7x64

23 Mar 2014
@ 02:03 am (GMT)

Pat Gannon

Iam new to reloading and have just purchased a new Sako85 in7x64. I would like to use Adi powder 2209. Have 7 mm nosler accubond in 140 grn also
Nosler ballistic tip in 120 grn. Any reloading charges would be appreciated.

Thanks Pat


23 Mar 2014
@ 03:46 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Loads for 7x64
Hi Pat, use the .280 Rem data from the ADI manual or from the ADI site. The data is very tame so you will have no problems with safety. It would be good if you could obtain access to a chronograph because you may need to load beyond 55gr powder with your 140gr bullets, looking for a sweet spot between 3000 and 3100fps. The ADI Manual lists max as 53.5gr for the .280.

In either case, break the barrel in, then use three shot groups and work up loads in half grain increments, observing pressure signs such as flattened primers and sticky extraction. If you are new to reloading, you must (and probably will anyways) be vigilant regarding pressure observations. By the same token, we do not want to be so fearful as to handicap the rifle.

The Norma factory load with Accubond gives an average 2966fps. My old hunting mentor chronographed this a short while ago. The load is roughly 55gr of N204 which is similar to 55gr 2209.


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