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325 WSM

20 Mar 2014
@ 09:27 pm (GMT)


Nathan thanks for uploading your always excellent and detailed work on this new cartridge. We are once again looking at my pet peeve with so many modern and ultra-modern cartridge case designs - a short neck. The 8mm bore size is - depending on twist rate - able to use much heavier bullets than are available factory loaded for the 325 WSM. But handloaders who want a heavier bullet for big game or a heavy, high BC bullet for long range shooting are limited by the fact that when kept within cartridge OAL spec for the 325, these bullets intrude substantially into the case, thereby reducing powder capacity and the velocity available with these heavier bullets. Per usual there is no free lunch and in the quest for a shorter action, along with the latest style for a short fat case, the use of heavier bullets in the 325 does not measure up to the ancient 8 X 68 S. Your assessment of the future of this cartridge is accurate in my view. It is amazing how many new cartridges we keep getting when the old standbys have been doing the job for a century. Looking forward to the rest of the medium bores!


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